Invoice Factoring

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Factor Amount

Up to 90% of Receivables

Factor Term

Up to 1 year

Time To Fund

48 Hours


As Low as 2.99%

Invoice Factoring

This type of program takes the worrying out of collecting from your clients. We purchase your
accounts receivable you’re owed and we pay upfront, a percentage of the outstanding
invoice amount or face value. It’s the sale of accounts receivables less a small service fee. Your
clients then deal with us to make their payments.

Clean Slate

This financial product is an excellent option for industries such as retail, supermarkets, wholesale, etc. for it takes away the headache of waiting on vendors to pay you for your services. A perfect solution for businesses that work with vendors who take 30-90 days to pay an invoice. This method allows you to build a strong relationship with your vendors and lets us take the collection process out of your hands. Stronger relationships lead to more product and more product leads to more money in your pockets.

We Work For You

We become your accounts receivable department, and help turn idle invoices into active capital to use on your day-to-day operations. We understand clients who take their time to pay can have a high efect on running your business and other alternative business financing products wouldn’t help out, that’s why we take the stress away from you and give you upfront capital. It’s as if your clients now pay within 48 hours.

Time Is Money

This financial product gives you the ability to outsource your sales ledger and let's you focus on what’s truly important, running your business, in a cost efficient way. The more orders and invoices created with your vendor the higher the chance to be able to negotiate better pricing on future orders. This will help your business grow in terms of being more reputable and deal with better customers.

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I could take a break on having to worry about getting my invoice paid on time

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