Term Loans

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Loan Amount

$5k - $2 Million

Loan Term

6 - 36 Months

Time To Fund

24 - 48 Hours

Interest Rate

As Low as 6%

Term Loans

Terms loans are your classic financial product with a fresh and innovated touch of online
lending. It has become a business owner favorite. A lump sum of capital with a fixed repayment
& term length, with the ability to choose from daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly withdraws.

Affordable & Predictable

With a fixed interest rate which stays the same for the lifetime of your loan, it makes it easier to project ongoing expenses and makes budgeting much easier. With interest rates as low as 6%, this financial product is an ideal option for capitalizing on asset purchases, additional inventory opportunities, or property improvements. Whatever the situation may be a term loan can be tailored to your specific needs.

Terms That Work For You

Unlike other forms of alternative financing with fast turnaround times, term loans actually give you time to take full advantage of the funds. Term loans can stretch as far as 36 months, an equivalent of 3 years. Take John for example, a business owner with a small logistics company running with just two trucks. John received an opportunity to purchase an additional truck at a premium price. With the help of a term loan for 24 months and a fixed bi-weekly payment which worked for him and his business, John was able to increase his bottom line by 35%, giving him enough time to increase his revenue and pay back the loan with no issues.

Easily Obtainable

With a simple process which takes just minutes to get started, term loans can be received in as little as 24 hours. A one-page application and bank statements will have your foot in the door and on your way to receiving the funds necessary. Keep in mind not all term loans are the same, your business revenue and other factors will determine the loan size and term length.

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